Fiscally Fit Tips

Ever wonder how to go shopping on the cheap in different parts of the world? Or maybe in different parts of your neighborhood?  What about how to make really quick chocolate covered strawberries? Better yet, how to use a spreadsheet to create your own goals and financial budget?!?  Never fear! Fiscally Fit Fashionista is here with a section of the blog dedicated to nifty little tips that are geared towards keeping more money in our pockets without limiting our ability to have fun.

You will be able to click on each link below to learn a new little quick tip. On deck is a video diary and quick tips for shopping and traveling around London, England (and Paris) on the somewhat cheap, the wonder of Aveda’s new universal lip-liner and lip nourishment tool,  how to use MS excel to create a budget that you can track and recipes for quick-homemade beauty products. Until then, enjoy the rest of the blog.