Fiscally Fit Fashionista Program

Fiscally Fit Fashionista® Financial Coaching Program: is geared towards fabulous women who want to feel empowered about their financial lives. You will learn how to balance your need for fashion fabulous-ness with your need to build a financial future.

Work with a financial coach who understands your lifestyle and can help you organize and maximize your financial resources. The Fiscally Fit Fashionista program is designed to cater to your specific individual needs.

Why Fiscally Fit Fashionista?

  • You went to a financial planner/adviser and the service did not SERVE or EMPOWER you.
  • You want to learn more about your money but do not feel ready to use the services of a financial planner.
  • Money scares you and you just want a safe place to learn about it.
  • Your independent, you have cash to burn, and you want to do something cool with it before you waste it all.
  • Your independent, you don’t have cash to burn, and you want to learn how to work with what you’ve got and BE HAPPY about it.

WARNING: This is a kick-ass, tough-love, gentle yet tough, in your face program that will challenge you to your core. You will face your fears, battle those demons, and empower yourself to be FISCALLY FIT.

This is a personalized 5-6 hour intensive program. We work to solve your problems in this one session. Why? Because concentrated attention works. You are psyched, motivated and ready to take action! You will be so focused on your financial empowerment, that you will not want to eat (although we will take plenty of breaks)

With Fiscally Fit Fashionista, you will learn about your money personality, understand your financial motivators and complete a financial freedom plan that will empower you to:

  • Face your fears head on about money
  • Create a positive mindset about money
  • Educate yourself about money and unleash your inner fiscally fit diva
  • Understand your financial biography (inclusive of money habits and patterns)
  • Better manage your money
  • Make your money work for you and create your own “money miracles”
  • Organize your personal finances
  • Reduce debt
  • Save and invest more
  • Implement tax saving strategies
  • Create wealth

The program consists of:

(1) Pre- Work: You will receive a welcome packet with a list of materials to bring to your session and a packet of information to fill out. This pre-work is important and your session cannot commence unless it is ALL completed. You will probably have to dig for some materials so please schedule your session far enough in advance. Remember, Fiscally Fit Fashionista’s ALWAYS set themselves up for SUCCESS.

(2) Personal Financial Check-Up: We get into the nitty gritty of what’s going on. You will laugh, You will cry and best of all you will feel relieved, hopeful and empowered.

(3) Financial Freedom & Empowerment: We will write, we will sift and organize, we will make phone-calls and then we will put it all together in a plan that you create for yourself under my caring guidance and stern eye. This plan will have goals, intentions and due dates and will be created with love and motivation.

At the end of our time together, you will receive a certificate of completion. As a graduate of Fiscally Fit Fashionista, you will also be eligible to have a 30 minute phone or in-person check in 30 days after your program ends.

Make the investment today! Why? because as L’Oreal says “You’re Worth It”.

Need more than a five hour intensive? There is a longer- multi- session available. To learn more contact us today at 202.709.3233 or