My Money Definitions

Posted on November 11th, 2011 by by Evelyn

Greetings & welcome to post #3 of the Fiscally Fit Fashionista Financial Freedom Series Today I want to spend a couple of minutes framing the definitions of the words and terms that you will be seeing repeatedly through this series.  It’s important for me to define these terms so that you know what I a mean and what I’m talking about when I use them.  I reserve the right to adjust these definitions as needed J  Ready?  Let’s Go!

Debt Monkey: My nickname for all of the debt that you may carry.  Every piece of debt you have is a chain around your neck…or more affectionately, a monkey on your back slinging poo in your face.

Familial Money Pattern: The way that your family has dealt with money over GENERATIONS.  You’ll be amazed at what you learn about your own money pattern when you pay close attention to how your immediate family deals with money. I will detail an exercise you can do around discovering your family’s money patterns later.

Financial Freedom: When you are free to do with your money what you see fit.  You don’t have to work to earn a living; you work because it’s your choice. You get up and go at your choice, money is a second thought and not the first consideration when you are making daily life decisions.

Financial Fuckery: Doing simple-minded things with your money; things that don’t support you, your family, your dreams or the life that you are working to build.  You know, things like not paying your rent on time, but paying for bottle service at the club, using credit cards to buy designer gear that sits in your closet-never worn, and investing in get-rich quick schemes that don’t work (no you won’t be a millionaire in 30 days by sitting on your lazy ass)

Money Mindset: Your prevailing thoughts about money- do your thoughts skew to the positive or negative end of the though spectrum.  If I were to say “Money is…” would you finish the sentence with “the tool I use to live the life that I want” or “the root of all evil and why I can’t get ahead in life”.

Money Relationship: How you personally relate to money. Does it govern you?  Do you use it as a tool to get things done?  Does it make you smile, make you cringe, facilitate your dreams?

Money Response: The initial reaction that you feel when you think about money and your personal money situation.

Money Story: What you tell yourself about your money.  This also encompasses what other people told us about money, what our family explicitly and implicitly taught us about money, what we experienced with money in the past and how we use and experience our money in the present. (It will dictate your future)

Financial Empowerment: When you are fully in alignment with your money. You possess the power over your money- you control your money; your money does not control you.

What are your thoughts?  Am I missing anything?